Friday, 1 March 2013

Continuous Delivery Training By Attune University

Attune University help you to make your application development and release process a business advantage to be a step ahead for timely delivery.

     As a system integrator, we are aware about day to day issue while developing an application with a team work and get application released to users is often a time-consuming process with lot of efforts.

Introduction of Continuous Delivery

     Continuous Delivery can help small and large organizations become agile and innovative. Through a continue process, it enables continuously adaption of application in line with user feedback, change in requirement, change in business process with reliability, low risk and optimum time management. A complete project development life cycle shall follow to speed up the process of plan, development, test,support and deployment work with each other as one delivery team while improving quality. Continuous Delivery (CI) is a process that applied frequently in the small piece.

What is Continuous Integration   

     Continuous Integration is best described as a software development practice where each person in a team integrates their work daily basis.As an ongoing process, each member of team integrates daily - leading to multiple integrations a day. These integrations are to be verified by an automated build to detect integration errors as quickly as possible and can manage immediate turnaround time. Result to follow CI approach reduced integration problems and allows a team to develop cohesive application more quickly.

Attune Methodology   

     Attune University training methodology build a firm understanding on how to implement Continuous Integration environment for the development team. CI keeps development team in sync with testing, project management and deployment team together. It will be an advantage while working on large scale integration project as CI helps in to removing the delays due to integration issues.The Continuous delivery training offered by Attune University on continuous integration focuses on improvement of the quality of application, helps to reduce the time to deliver.CI is a perfect way to replacement to the traditional practice of applying quality control after finishing all development.

     Our training approach will assist participants to be able to set up a working Continuous Integration server, prepare automated builds and tests environment, checking code quality and reports, and to manage automated deployment to an integration server
 What You Will Learn?
     After completion of Continuous Delivery training at Attune University, the developer will get below benefits.

    Integrate the work constantly
    Errors can be detected quickly
    Build constantly and test constantly
    Setting up a smooth process among the project team
    Avoids pressure, escalation and rollback
    Learn open source tools such as Jenkins, Git, Puppet, Cucumber, Rspec, Selenium, jMeter, etc.

The term Continuous Delivery came in to existence as a part of continuous integration. With CI, an automation techniques need to be applied to the actual release of software from one environment setup into another environment setup.   


     The practice of Continuous Delivery enhances team performance and it will be called as “always ready to release We at Attune University build Continuous Integration training with a team of experienced consultants after successful deployments of multiple projects. You are getting a change to learn CI course from our expert team through online training mode.

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